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Implement an Internet Archive-like digitalization service
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Just as many other wikisource users I appreciate a lot Internet Archive digitalization service, and I use it as deeply as I can (djvu files being only one from many uses of the rich file set that can be downloaded: collection of high-resolution jp2 images and abbyy xml being really extremely interesting).

I'd like that mediawiki should implement a similar digitalizing environment, but with a wiki approach and a wikisource-oriented philosophy, to share the best possible applications to pre-OCR jobs of book page images (splitting, rotating, cropping, dewrapping... in brief, "scantailoring" images), saving excellent lossless images from pre-OCR work; then the best possible OCR should be done, with ABBYY OCR engine or similar software if any, saving both text and full-detail OCR xml; then excellent images and best possible OCR text should be used to produce excellent seachable pdf and djvu files; finally - and this step would be really "wiki" - embedded text should be fixed by usual user revision work done into wikisource.

This is a bold dream; a less bold idea is, to get full access to best, heavy IA files ( and abbyy xml) and to build tools for use them as thoroughly as possible.

--Alex brollo (talk) 07:08, 11 November 2015 (UTC)

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This is now more needed, as IA has stopped creating DjVu files. See