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Write tests for page assessment tool
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Write php unit tests for most of the functions in PageAssessmentsBody class:

Acceptance criteria:

  • Create various tests for PageAssessmentsBody::execute() that exercise record inserting, updating, and deleting. The tests should assert that the data in the database matches expectations after running execute(). You can either utilize $this->assertSelect() from the MediaWikiTestCase parent class or write a simple getPageAssessments() function in PageAssessmentsBody to look at the resulting data.
  • Create a test for PageAssessmentsBody::getAllProjects().

See for how to set up database-related tests. For some examples, see extensions/Math/tests/MathDatabaseTest.php or extensions/Gather/tests/phpunit/api/GatherTest.php.

See for general documentation on how to write unit tests for extensions.

You may want to utilize addDBData() and insertPage() from the parent class, MediaWikiTestCase, during set-up.

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Change 266786 had a related patch set uploaded (by Niharika29):
Tests for the PageAssessments extension

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Tests for the PageAssessments extension

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