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Increase edit summary box on the edit form to be the same length as the edit summary field in the database
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Author: ais523

At present, it's normally impossible to enter an edit summary greater than 200 bytes, as that's the limit specified on the edit form. However, the server can store at least 250 bytes (the edit in the URL was created using user scripts to increase the edit summary box length). As increasing the width of the edit summary box has already been demonstrated to allow longer edit summaries, at least up to a point, could the edit summary box on the edit screen be widened to the same width as the relevant database field? (50 characters might not seem like much, but it would have been helpful when describing various edits I made in the past which I felt might have been contentious.)

Version: 1.11.x
Severity: enhancement



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robchur wrote:

One character does not necessarily equal one byte. The limit is advisory, of course, and we truncate summaries to ensure they fit into the allocated column length.