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Admin interface for WPX UI
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An admin interface for people interested in creating and maintaining WikiProjects. Would live on Tool Labs.


WPX UI is built off of modules, which are subpages of the main WikiProject page that serve specific functions. A standard set needs to be developed and defined somewhere. Once that happens, a united admin interface can allow people to enable a WikiProject module and then also enable the corresponding script for that module.

Current workflow:

  • You edit your WikiProject page and add a parameter to define a new module. For example | module1 = Discussions to enable the Discussions module.
  • You create Wikipedia:{WIKIPROJECT NAME}/Discussions with the standard template for the Discussions module (which currently does not exist; so you copy from another project that has it)
  • You go to wikiproject.json and make sure there is a config block for your project and that the new discussions feed is enabled

Ideal workflow:

  • You go to the WPX Admin Interface to enable the Discussions module. Discussions subpage is automatically created if it doesn't already exist, and configuration setting to start the script is automatically checked off.

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So I see two related but distinct things here:

  1. Global settings (this is what is now). This will be accessible to 'admins' of Wikiproject X only, and be used for turning on and off different features for each wikiproject and adding/removing wikiprojects.
  2. Local settings per wikiproject. This outputs the template invocation or similar to the wikiproject page itself, and should be tuneable by the people involved in the wikiproject itself.

Is that a decent understanding?

Is that a decent understanding?

Generally yes, though I would think anyone with admin privileges (and possibly template editor) should be able to configure #1, consistent with current rules with letting people edit live code on Wikipedia.

Should just adopt and make it generic enough with adapters!

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Closing this task to create an interface on Labs in favor of a WikiProject extension as discussed at developer summit.