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Connect/Link Phabricator/Maniphest projects to Diffusion repositories
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For example the git of extension echo ( has no projects, but I can't add projects. I would be useful to add the project Notifications here. This makes it more clear for users. The problem is, that only Diffusion-Repository-Administrators can add projects to the most repos, because you need to edit a repo to add projects. Can someone add projects at least to the extension repos?

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It's going to take a lot of manual effort to associate every extension repo with the right projects, especially since projects don't exist for many of them and extension projects don't seem to follow a consistent naming convention.

but I can't add projects.

You can now, I've added you to repo admins.

Whoops pressed enter too soon. I meant to follow up with: this is how I plan for Diffusion-Repository-Administrators to work. I want the group to be organic and grow more members as soon as they find a need for the permissions.

Ok, I added some projects now, and do the rest at the next days/weeks. Maybe a task for Project-Admins is the next step for a few extensions ;).

How is this going? Is this done for now?

I would like to assist at this if it's fine to you. Especially if I'm creating new projects for extensions, I would like to tag their repositoriess accordingly.

@MGChecker: I don't see a problem with doing that.