Separate reference page for glossaries, bibliographies, etc
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Author: wknight8111

I would like to get a system similar to the regular <ref></ref> system for references, except instead of printing out the notes at the <references/> tag, it would print out the references in a separate page. For instance, we could write a tag:

<ref target="My Book/Glossary">...</ref>

And on the page "My Book/Glossary" the references would print out at the <references/> tag. It would be similar to a category, I think, except that the page name would not be displayed on the target page, the note would be.

This would be a real big help for wikibooks, where most books have a glossary or bibliography (or both) and all those pages need to be generated and updated by hand.

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wknight8111 wrote:

*** Bug 15070 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

mike.lifeguard+bugs wrote:

(In reply to comment #0)

<ref target="My Book/Glossary">...</ref>

Probably specifying the target page is a bad idea - what happens when you move My Book/Glossary? You'll have to change all the refs which point there. Instead it should pull refs from a specified set of pages (ideally from the whole book, once bug 15071 is done; specified manually otherwise).

I had suggested a different syntax on bug 15070:
<references pages=

Book/Table of Contents
Book/Chapter 1


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