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"Page Watchers" from article tool links is 404
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In the lefthand Tool links on English Wikipedia there is a link to "Page Watchers" which links to a 404 page:

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CC'ing @MZMcBride.
Either that tool needs to get fixed, or the link needs to be removed from the sidebar of en.wp, I guess?

No longer appears in the Tools sidebar on the English Wikipedia

There are user scripts that still reference this old tool: As Jaime notes, we have now. My guess is that some custom user script that @Samtar loads was recently updated to remove the (broken) link.

Quite possibly! Are there any plans to fix the tool? If not, redirecting from the tool to index.php?title=[title]&action=info#mw-pageinfo-watchers could be a good work around? (Would obviously be preferable to remove the links)