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Enable speakText for Extension:Math
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Enable the speakText generated by the speechRule engine for Extension:Math in all WMF wikis.

This is a feature very important for the accessibility and it blocks T113708

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@Beta16 The feature isn't documented on, could you update the doc?

@Beta16 The feature isn't documented on, could you update the doc?

I'm not a developer of the extension Math.
Maybe @Physikerwelt or @mobrovac can update the documentation.

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What exactly is this feature?

I see references in T113708 but not in the source code of the extension.

$ cd extensions/Math
$ ag speechRule
$ ag speakText

Would that be linked to and Web speech API?

Speech help hints are generated by the Mathoid service, not the extension itself (it just relays whatever Mathoid generates). It is currently disabled for performance reasons, but if there is enough support to have it, we can probably enable it.

@Beta16 I agree that this is very handy for accessibility but we will need evidence that community support exists for this before considering enabling it. Can you provide us with a page/document that shows some kind of community discussion?

/cc @Physikerwelt @Jdforrester-WMF , thoughts from your end?

Physikerwelt added a comment.EditedApr 11 2016, 7:41 PM

@mobrovac I think enabeling speech support should follow T78046

by the way... if someone (TM) would review it would no longer block the issue with the special page

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Reassigning to @Beta16 to gather community support per @mobrovac's comment.

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@Dereckson , @Danny_B , why does this specific accessibility improvement need a community support discussion? Surely we have broad community support for any reasonable improvement that helps our blind readers and editors. Is this not a reasonable improvement? cost/benefit..? I assume all possible renderings include some sort of alt text ; so is the concern that a spoken version isnt strictly necessary for accessibility?

@mobrovac , what are the performance reasons you mention? I'm assume you mean server-side performance, and not increased network traffic or client-side browser processing time, or any of myriad other types of performance reasons.
Is this performance reason serious? how bad does the performance degrade? Will users somehow experience this performance problem (e.g. slower render), or is something only the ops team will 'see' and fix/manage by adding more processors where/when/as required?

@jayvdb I didn't add the tag. I just sorted the task on board.

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