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Develop data loading scripts for the Research Cluster (altiscale)
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This task is done when we have a single-command ETL for converting a new XML dump into a query-able set of HIVE tables.

On the altiscale "Research" cluster.

See current work here:

See old notes here:

Full process: [XML Dump] --> [JSON files] --> [Hive Table] --> [Metadata Hive Table]

[XML Dump] --> [JSON files] is handled by

[Hive Table] & [Metadata Hive Table] is handled by some HiveQL scripts

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I finally got python installed on the workbench! (Every time I tried over the last month, the workbench's drive was full and I couldn't do anything)

Next steps are tests with real data.

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I just gave a quick intro to @schana and we worked for a little while on getting the script up and running. See our work here:

@JAllemandou, it seems like this is done now. What do you think?

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Agreed @Halfak , first version is done and merged !