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Track the GadgetUsage statistics over time
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Re: the new [[Special:GadgetUsage]] page, e.g. and the tasks that led to it (T115152: Create a Special:GadgetUsage QueryPage to show Gadget usage stats per wiki and related)

It would be useful to track month-on-month changes for both columns, so that we could:

  • spot usage spikes; and
  • see when gadgets are steadily gaining popularity, vs plateau'd or declining.

See T120895#1864312 for the SQL query that is used to generate those columns.

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I don't have advice/preferences on how to render the data.
Simpler (e.g. raw csv monthly dumps, for now) is probably better than nothing.
Please boldly edit the description. :)

graphite/grafana is probably the best counts over time visualizer we have right now. We'd want to hack into the update process somehow to send the counts everytime the special page is regenerated.

Sounds good to me, Lego, but then you wouldn't need us. Feel free to add us back if you do.

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