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Resolve issues with citation templates in CX @ Polish Wikipedia
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Currently there's no Apertium engine for Polish language and Yandex is still unavailable (see T121053), so CX serves only as an aid. Yet, translating citations from English (or any other) Wikipedia gives weird results and in the end all references from the original have to be manually inserted into the published text. For instance, the first ref in the article on Electronic cigarette is this"

<ref name=Caponnetto2012>{{cite journal |last1=Caponnetto |first1=Pasquale |last2=Campagna |first2=Davide |last3=Papale |first3=Gabriella |last4=Russo |first4=Cristina |last5=Polosa |first5=Riccardo |title=The emerging phenomenon of electronic cigarettes |journal=Expert Review of Respiratory Medicine |volume=6 |issue=1 |year=2012 |pages=63–74 |issn=1747-6348 |doi=10.1586/ers.11.92 |pmid=22283580}}</ref>

Yet when saved to Polish Wikipedia, it changes into this:

<ref name="Caponnetto2012"><cite class="citation journal">Caponnetto, Pasquale; Campagna, Davide; Papale, Gabriella; Russo, Cristina; Polosa, Riccardo (2012). </cite></ref>

So, in effect, the code looks ugly, the citation is broken and cut down to authors only, and it takes plenty of time to fix that.

Meanwhile Polish Wikipedia now uses a single, unified citation template Szablon:Cytuj (akin to Template:Citation at English wiki). It's Citoid-compatible and, what's more, it has all the templatedata in place and it provides all the COinS data one needs. But even if it didn't, mapping fields from English Wikipedia to this template is a relatively straightforward process: data is date, autor is author, and so on. Would it be possible to make citations templates translate properly?

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BTW, The only complication when translating Template:Cite book or Template:Cite journal from English wiki to Polish Szablon:Cytuj is the fact that we have dropped separation of authors onto multiple fields altogether ("autor = Name1 Surname1; Name2 Surname2; Name3 Surname3"). The rest is pretty straightforward.

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NOTE: CT is acronym for Extension:CategoryTree. We use CX for Content Translaiton. Thanks!

Content translation can read the parameter mapping between two templates using a json mapping and use it for auto adaptation. See

From a quick look, it seems we need to have that mapping

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A year has passed after Santhosh's last comment, and pretty big changes happened. I suggest the template maintainers in Polish and in all other languages to take a look at , and to try implementing the TemplateData suggestions there. If it still doesn't help, then we'll address the remaining issues in the next iteration of our template work.

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Checked in cx2-testing and in in wmf.14 - Szablon:Cytuj is used, so the reference looks as :
<ref name="Caponnetto2012">{{Cytuj pismo|issn=1747-6348|doi=10.1586/ers.11.92|pmid=22283580}}</ref>

But the reference has limited information comparing to the original one:

<ref name=Caponnetto2012>{{cite journal |last1=Caponnetto |first1=Pasquale |last2=Campagna |first2=Davide |last3=Papale |first3=Gabriella |last4=Russo |first4=Cristina |last5=Polosa |first5=Riccardo |title=The emerging phenomenon of electronic cigarettes |journal=Expert Review of Respiratory Medicine |volume=6 |issue=1 |year=2012 |pages=63–74 |issn=1747-6348 |doi=10.1586/ers.11.92 |pmid=22283580}}</ref>

Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 5.38.28 PM.png (299×1 px, 72 KB)

When published, the above template produces errors, but in the translation process a user does not get any indication of possible incomplete/erroneous template matching:
Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 5.40.42 PM.png (300×758 px, 113 KB)