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Playing a video on iOS when using desktop site does not allow pausing the video or see the control bar
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Steps to reproduce

Actual results

  • When you click play there is no way to pause or see the control bar.

Expected results

  • there should be he ability to view the control bar and press pause or play on mobile.

I think this is also to do with ogv since I doint think you can play webm videos on iOS.

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It's not expected to work... The Kaltura player is not prepared for touch interaction (instead delegating to 'native controls', which the ogv.js player does not provide), and the mobile website has never supported the web player to begin with and instead simply opens files T98491, T62565. regardless of if your browser supports them or not.

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Note this is specific to iPhone -- the control bar displays just fine under iOS 9.2 on my iPad Air. This is because the Kaltura player code has lots of hacks in it to check for iPhone specifically and disables various things because it assumes use of the native *fullscreen* iPhone video player and does various hacks for that.

As we are going with VideoJS now, should we close this?

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