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DPL "addpagecounter" breaks because page.page_counter column no longer exists
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The third-party DPL (DynamicPageList) extension breaks in MediaWiki 1.26 because the "page" table no longer contains a "page_counter" column. Example:


Error message produced:

Unknown column 'wp_page.page_counter' in 'field list' (localhost)

Ideally, DPL should detect whether Extension:HitCounters is installed and use that table, or it should exit cleanly with a message that "addpagecounter" is not supported.

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This patch fixes the compability issues between the HitCounters extension and DPL. Maybe it doesn't fully honor the coding guidelines (I put all changes at one place), but it works ;-)

Tested on MediaWiki 1.27.1 with and without the HitCounters extension loaded.

Thank you for making the patch. Interestingly, I filed this bug report against a different extension that's also named DynamicPageList. I found the bug in the third-party extension known as DynamicPageList2, Your patch is against the original DynamicPageList from Wikimedia.

I guess the bug was present in both extensions, coincidentally.