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Show a smaller but constant number of suggestions at a time
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Currently you can find a different number of items in the suggestions list (e.g., switching to different language pairs I got: 12, 15, and 10 suggestions). This number also determines how much the user has to scroll and how much attention the user pays to each suggestion.

Even if we load many suggestions behind the scenes, it would be good to present users with a total of 8 suggestions at a time. This should be the total number of suggestions shown even if there are suggestions from different origins (personalised vs. featured).

If a suggestion is removed from the list (discarded or moved to favourites), a new one will be shown at the bottom of the list to keep the number of suggestions provided to the user constant.

For suggested campaigns we may surface long lists of articles as part of the suggestions. Since those lists show only two visible items initially, they will count as 2 suggestions for this purpose, leaving 6 remaining slots for other suggestions.

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Pginer-WMF added a subscriber: Pginer-WMF.

Upcoming work will require to reorganize the way we provide suggestions, including the number of them to show. It does not make sense to adjust the suggestions in the current form before they are updated.