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[betalabs-cawiki] User intro for enabled "Flow on user talk" displays {{GENDER: $ 1 |}} in the popup
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  1. Login to cawiki as a user without enabled feature "Flow on user talk"
  2. Go to Preferences - Beta features and enable "Flow on user talk"
  3. Go to your User discussion page and click through the intro. On the last step in the popup the literal name of gender variable will be displayed.

{{GENDER: $ 1 |}} You can get more information, make comments or deactivate the system at any time in the new section features beta.

{{GÈNERE:$1|Podeu}} obtenir més informació, fer comentaris o desactivar el nou sistema en qualsevol moment en la secció de funcionalitats beta.

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 1.10.04 PM.png (321×588 px, 54 KB)