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Support using a defined version in extension registration
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Steps to reproduce

Actual results

  • You carn't use a defined version in extension registration you have to set it manually.

Expected results

  • You should be able to use a defined version

for example on how it should look.

"versiondefine:" "Example::Example, "SF_VERSION"

the hook where it is defined and then what it should look for in define.

I am not sure if this way is support in json there may be another way.

Notice instead of using "version" we are using a "versiondefine" instead.

@Legoktm what do you think.

Some extensions such as wikibase do this.

I think proper define support needs to be added.

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When I surveyed extensions during the initial implementation time, the main usage of these constants was to check whether an extension was installed via if ( defined( 'NAME_VERSION' ) ) { ... } or something. For that use case, we introduced ExtensionRegistry::getInstance()->isLoaded( 'Name' ).

Are there any other use cases of version constants that aren't supported?

Per lack of use cases.