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Some Echo messages probably don't need {{GENDER:$2}}
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The message notification-bundle-header-edit-user-talk currently says:

$1 and $4 {{PLURAL:$5|other|others}} {{GENDER:$2|left}} a message on {{GENDER:$3|your}} talk page.

If I understand correctly, {{GENDER:$2|left}} refers to at least two people who left a message, and in this case the gender is probably irrelevant, because it is only useful for describing one person.

There are similar issues with notification-bundle-body-flow-post-reply and notification-bundle-header-flow-post-edited.

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Yeah, the documentation should be clearer. $2 refers to the gender of $1.

Because of the way the infrastructure is set up, it's harder and more confusing to not pass in $2. So if we do anything, we could remove the gender hint on $2, but it would be more trouble than it's worth to actually remove the $2 parameter.

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