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OAuth consumer registration email address field seems pointless
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The OAuth consumer registration form asks for an email address but only actually accepts the user's own email address. Not sure what the point of that is (to have an independent copy that does not follow user preference changes? to make it clear to the user their email address will become public?) but it seems like a waste of the user's time to make them fill out a field with an address we already know, in any case. What's worse, it is not made clear the address must be the same (it would certainly have sense to have a different personal email address and app notification address, even if just to the extent of a +tag˙suffix) so the user will have to learn it by encountering error messages.

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Change 311664 had a related patch set uploaded (by Gergő Tisza):
Make the consumer registration form fields easier to understand

Change 311664 merged by jenkins-bot:
Make the consumer registration form fields easier to understand

The field is now autofilled and uneditable, to make the frontend align with the server validation behavior. We should decide though whether we want to do something useful with it, and discard it if not.

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