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[WikiMaps Warper] Failure on "Edit tab" (Sorry you do not have permission to view that.)
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When I click on the edit tab in Wikimaps Warper, I get an error "Sorry you do not have permission to view that."

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This is not Maps project, but i'm not sure what project to tag it as.


Folks - we are tracking tickets etc on GitHub currently

We use Phabricator for issues relating to the server / labs / WMF tech side of things but not for user bugs reporting.

We do of course welcome issues here too, but it could be better to post them to github to get proper attention from developers.

In the new year, as a result of the IEG Grant we will be addressing most of the bugs and adding new features too.

(Yuri - maps-warper lives in the maps project group for the instances on Labs, as it predates the current proper Map work. I suppose it was added to that project as there wasn't much else there at the time.)

@Chippyy, but it seems there is no appropriate project here in Phabricator for the MapsWrapper, and it might need to be created. Otherwise it might not be seen by the devs.

To clarify - we can either create a new project and reassign these issues there, or we could simply close the issue with the link to github issue tracking.

Yes, I think it might be better to create a new project in the long term. There have been times when end users have reported outages which have led to them being assigned and fixed by other phabricator users (e.g. disk failure issues, OAuth troubles etc) - so allowing users to add some critical things here is also a benefit.

From an end users perspective the maps project in phabricator says "all map-related tasks" which may confuse them as the warper deals with maps as objects. I'm not sure if there's a GLAM / Commons phabricator project which the warper can fit under currently but there may be. We can close some of the existing issues which relate to user experience (there may be one or two outstanding ones relating to the instance which should remain open).

This comment was removed by Chippyy.

Yes, I think it might be better to create a new project in the long term.

@Chippyy: Please file a separate task following - thanks!

Chippyy edited projects, added wikimaps-warper; removed Discovery-ARCHIVED, Maps.