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Article selector scrolls out of viewport in Special:CX
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to Special:CX
  2. Make sure you have enough drafts or published articles so that you can scroll down
  3. Click the green "Start a new translation"
  4. Click the source article name field
  5. Type es (actual text does not seem to matter)
  6. Click source language selector
  7. Type es and press enter (actual language does not seem to matter)
  8. Click target language selector, screen will scroll up (if doesn't happen, try to repeat from last step)

Google Chrome here.

PS: Not attaching screenshot because Phabricator does not let me:

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The "New translation" dialog is embedded now, and scrolling is currently not allowed while dialog is open. Embedding the dialog happened as part of work for T111094.