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"related articles" showing regardless of beta features preferences
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I'm not sure if this is the best place to report this (I wrote it here already T116676#1877633 )...

I am seeing the "related articles" feature appear in all English Wikipedia articles, even though it does not have a specific option in the Beta Features list.

On the flip-side, I just tested a few random articles while logged in on a different user account (same computer) and it wasn't showing the "related articles" feature at all, regardless of whether I had "enable all new beta features" turned on or not.

(I'm running Chrome 47 on a Mac 10.10.2)

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Can you try enabling the "Read More" feature specifically (rather than relying on "enable all new beta features")? I'd also appreciate some screenshots of your beta features page and the article page where this is happening. Thanks.

My mistake - didn't see that this feature was called "read more", was looking for "related articles" instead. Yes, the beta-features tool is working correctly. This is just user error (though, putting the phrase "related articles" in the beta feature description might help others who are similarly dim.

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I'll close this as invalid. Let's keep adding suggestions to improve to T121398.

If the section it creates is called "Related articles", and the extension is called "RelatedArticles", why don't we just call the feature itself "Related articles"? (Sorry if this is already discussed elsewhere)

I think we call it Read More because we want to differentiate it from the feature initially provided by the RelatedArticles extension (links to related articles in the side bar).