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Customize "links" in Special:Whatlinkshere
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Author: matthew.britton

The new links next to each list item in Special:Whatlinkshere (that show what links to that item) are useful in some cases but also distracting. It would be nice if users could alter their appearence with their custom stylesheet.

Right now it's possible to alter only the link itself. For example ".page-Special_Whatlinkshere li a + a {display: none}" hides the link but leaves a pair of empty brackets behind. These aren't part of any system message. Enclosing the link and the surrounding brackets in a <span> (with an appropriate 'class' attribute) would allow the whole thing to be changed using CSS.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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robchur wrote:

Wrapped the tool link(s) in a span ("mw-whatlinkshere-tools") in r22757.