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Field 'ar_page' doesn't have a default value
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When deleting a page with MySQL strict mode enabled:

INSERT  INTO `bw_archive` (ar_namespace,ar_title,ar_comment,ar_user,ar_user_text,ar_timestamp,ar_minor_edit,ar_rev_id,ar_parent_id,ar_text_id,ar_text,ar_flags,ar_len,ar_page_id,ar_deleted,ar_sha1,ar_content_model,ar_content_format) SELECT  page_namespace,page_title,rev_comment,rev_user,rev_user_text,rev_timestamp,rev_minor_edit,rev_id,rev_parent_id,rev_text_id,'','',rev_len,page_id,rev_deleted,rev_sha1,rev_content_model,rev_content_format FROM `bw_page`,`bw_revision`   WHERE page_id = '4436660' AND (page_id = rev_page) 
Toiminto (funktio): WikiPage::doDeleteArticleReal

Error: 1364 Field 'ar_page' doesn't have a default value (

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This seems to be another case of missing updater. In this case it was changed during a release it seems:

Doing the update manually:

update bw_archive set ar_page_id = ar_page where ar_page != 0;
alter table bw_archive drop ar_page;
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