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Rack 8 new misc servers
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We received 8 new misc servers...2 are alloted for kafka brokers and 2 for ores. Racked 2 in each row

  • - receive in all 8 systems ordered on T120248
  • - add asset tag to each system, add each system to racktables using ONLY the asset tag and host name if there is one.
  • - rack systems evenly across all 4 rows. Right now A4, B4, C4, and D3 are the misc-services racks. Place 2 in each rack.
  • - cable and add asset tags
  • - create asset tag and host mgmt dns entries for each system
  • - setup system bios and drac & test drac/serial redirection
  • - update switch with appropriate host/asset tag name and correct vlan
  • - add the spares systems to the spares tracking google sheet.
  • - update dhcpd and netboot
  • - Intial OS install for kafka --handed ORES off to Alex
  • - Puppet and Salt as necessary

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