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Move tool out of integration/jenkins repository
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The tool should be developed in its own repo instead of integration/jenkins, mainly because the people working on it (Fabian and John) don't have +2 in that repo. Also we likely want this tool to be standalone so people can set it up with git hooks locally or whatever.

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We can request a repo be created and have those two users as authors so they can have +2 rights in the new repo. What should we name the repo.

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Currently it only has a dependency on Git, but it requires a Gerrit Change-Id line and implements , so IMO it should be gerrit-commit-message-validator.

I suspect that in the future, we will be using Phabricator's Differential, and if a client side tool is needed it will be very different, using API Method: differential.parsecommitmessage.

Ok. I've made the request here please make sure I entered the correct details.

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This happened, it's now integration/commit-message-validator.