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Use an image file as a poster for an audio thumb player
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It would be nice if a user could pick an image file, that was used as a poster for an audio playback session. To quote a user:

But then the four-year-old presented the challenge- why do we have to click the arrow beneath the bird to make it sing. ''Why can't we just click the picture of the bird and hear it sing.''

We already have the thumb=Filename syntax, allowing to fully override the generated thumbnail, but it might be nice if it could be used to set a poster for the player, which would actually have this exact effect... example (Chrome required)

Point of attention. This poster would need to be credited, and people need to be able to navigate to it's file description page from the player in that case.
Another point of attention: In order to use poster, we need to generate a <video> element instead of an audio element. or pass the poster by JS configuration (but that would cause a reflow of the page, due to changes in dimensions).