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The terms Notifications, Alerts and Messages in Echo are confusing
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The terms "Notifications", "Alerts" and "Messages" in Echo's translatable strings are used in a rather confusing and overlapping manner, and this makes them hard to translate.

The most notable example is these three messages:

  • "notification-link-text-expand-alert-count": "Expand {{PLURAL:$1|$1 alert|$1 alerts}}",
  • "notification-link-text-expand-message-count": "Expand {{PLURAL:$1|$1 message|$1 messages}}",
  • "notification-link-text-expand-all-count": "Expand {{PLURAL:$1|$1 notification|$1 notifications}}",

Does "messages" refer to messages on the talk page or to the notifications in the notifications box? In any case, I suspect that at least one of these messages is superfluous. If all of them are needed, then they need to be better documented in qqq.

More generally, the distinction between "alerts" and "notifications" must be consistent and well-documented to allow translators to find appropriate distinct words in each language. As of now, I couldn't find any place with a clear explanation about this.

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We are currently re-evaluating this separation (and the terminology to use), so it's quite possible that this will change relatively soon.