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Present results of Community Wishlist Survey at Dev Summit
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I know it's way past the deadline for proposing Dev Summit sessions, but Community Tech would love to present the results of the Community Wishlist Survey which just concluded:

A lot of the proposals will be of interest to various teams, and we would love to discuss how this survey can feed into other teams' roadmaps and priorities, as well as discussing the overall feasibility of some of the proposals.

Even an informal aftre-hours or lunch session would be great.

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@Qgil suggested that we might combine this with T121641.

Yeah, I think being part of the wrap-up is great. Let's do it.

To be precise, I said that one possibility is to combine this with T121641: WikiDev16 Wrap-up session. We need to discuss this with @RobLa-WMF.

The Community Wishlist Survey is the most remarkable effort to obtain structured community feedback on software priorities. It is biased by the scope of the Community Tech team, but still it would provide a ton of fresh air to the Summit, coming from a different angle. I think it is an idea worth exploring.

@Qgil - great idea! I think we should also probably do some sort of teaser for this at the beginning (around/in @Wwes's keynote: T121640), perhaps specifically introducing @kaldari, @Fhocutt, @DannyH, and @niharikakohli, and encouraging those that don't know y'all to talk to you more about your work. Does that work for everyone?

Yeah, that's a great idea. Thanks!

T121672: Present results of Community Wishlist Survey at Dev Summit is very important, and we should probably have it in the "Recommended for pre-schedule" stuff. It's admittedly a very late addition, but I think it still clears the bar for consideration of new stuff.

@RobLa-WMF, I agree the results of the Community Wishlist are important, and this is why I'm suggesting to find time for them within T121641: WikiDev16 Wrap-up session.

The Wrap-up session is a good venue to reach to everybody. This session is not a discussion session per se. Therefore, I'd rather propose 15-20 minutes pitch for everybody than a full slot against other heavy-weight sessions.

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