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Enable $wgContentHandlerUseDB everywhere (bug 49193)
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  1. Resolve blocker bugs (e.g. bug 70901 - Users can change the content model of other users' user pages to CSS or JS)
    • "Being able to set page content type of User's subpages to javascript or css without edituserjs/editusercss rights seems like a bug."
    • "Do we need a new user right?"
    • "undo seems broken when undoing revisions that change the content type"
  2. Any wikis where we don't want this? (see config change gerrit 170129)

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Barring the security issue, there really shouldn't be any reason for a wiki to need/want this staying as false

EBernhardson subscribed.

as of december 1st wgContentHandlerUseDB is not enabled everywhere, it is only enabled at wikidata, testwiki, test2wiki and mediawikiwiki. needs to be reviewed and merged to close this ticket.