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Adds XCache support to MediaWiki 1.10.0

Feel free to flame me if I'm submitting this in the wrong page/with the wrong tags/etc. I checked out the [[How to become a MediaWiki hacker]] page, tried to /join MediaWiki-General and /msg Tim (suggested in the "Your first feature" subheading), but he never got back to me (pr'olly busy). So, instead, I'll just post it and add [what I figure are appropriate] tags to it. :P

I made the patch against 1.10.0 to enable XCache support so that current users don't have to muck about in SVN to make it work (and actually, from my other SVN dump, it applies fine anyway). If you're not a developer, but you stumble across this page and want to enable it, do the following on your box:

  1. Grab the patch, save it into your brand spankin' new mediawiki root directory.
  2. Run patch -p0 < xcache.patch
  3. Install mediawiki as usual. It should detect XCache automagically, just as long as you have XCache itself installed and enabled via php.ini and you've restarted your webserver after installing it.

Also, you do not have to have XCache installed in order to install the patch, as the patch simply adds the appropriate wrappers and config tests should you want to use it.

Tested with: XCache 1.2.0, lighttpd 1.4.13 (fcgi), php 5.2.3 (fcgi, debug).

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or if I totally botched something, please feel free to contact me.


Kurt Radwanski
irc: slakr@freenode or galaxynet.
en.wp: Koder [hopefully soon: Slakr]

Version: 1.10.x
Severity: enhancement
OS: Linux




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robchur wrote:

Patch seems sane.

robchur wrote:

Applied in r22842, thanks for the patch!

ycombarnous wrote:

This is great, as Xcache is the only opcode cacher I can reliably use on Windows ;-).
As I am upgrading via the command line, how can I setup MW to get this support activated?

I have added "$wgMainCacheType = "CACHE_ACCEL";" to my LocalSettings.php, is that enough?
In addition, how can I test my Xcache config is working/properly setup for object caching ?