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Gerrit repository browsing links are broken after being switched from Gitblit to Diffusion
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Gerrit links the git commits in various places (each patchset in the changeset review screen, the tips of the branches in the branch administration screen etc) to some repository browser (which can be very useful to see the state of files which are not touched by a changeset, for example). That repository browser used to be gitblit, but has been recently changed to be Differential. Unfortunately, it does not really work.

More specifically,

  • links to commits which have not been merged do not work. (I.e. in a merged changeset only the last commit has a working link, and in open changesets none do.)
  • links in a project's Access/Branches menu never work (with a different error message).

Example not working review link: PS6 ->
Example not working branch link:,branches master ->

Especially the link to the last commit of an open changeset is important for code review. Please revert these links back to gitblit until kinks in Differential have been worked out.

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Viewing open patches doesn't work well I'm phabricator because the ref it looks at is hard coded and not possible to add more refs for example refs/heads is hard coded we need also refs/changes to be there but it's not causing open patches to not be viewable unless merged in phabricator.

There's a patch that has been uploaded that should fix the branch issue.

Branches redirection link now works. All that is left is for us to be able to view open patches from refs/changes/

The branches bit was fixed, the refs/changes/* piece is better tracked by T89940, so closing this as a dupe of that.