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1.23.12 fails "make phpunit"
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When I deploy 1.23.12, either as a git checkout or as the distributed patch to apply to 1.23.11, and run the phpunit tests, it fails after about 1500 test. I don't mean that a test fails, but rather that the whole testing framework fails.

This happens with both mysql and pgsql as the backing database, with a fresh empty install or a real existing wiki, with PHP 5.4.20 or with PHP 5.3.

This is the error:

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method FauxRequest::setRequestURL() in /srv/www/htdocs/wiki/tests/phpunit/includes/MediaWikiTest.php on line 129
PHP Stack trace:
PHP 1. {main}() /srv/www/htdocs/wiki/tests/phpunit/phpunit.php:0
PHP 2. MediaWikiPHPUnitCommand::main() /srv/www/htdocs/wiki/tests/phpunit/phpunit.php:128
PHP 3. MediaWikiPHPUnitCommand->run() /srv/www/htdocs/wiki/tests/phpunit/MediaWikiPHPUnitCommand.php:64
PHP 4. PHPUnit_TextUI_Command->run() /srv/www/htdocs/wiki/tests/phpunit/MediaWikiPHPUnitCommand.php:80
PHP 5. PHPUnit_TextUI_TestRunner->doRun() /srv/www/htdocs/wiki/vendor/phpunit/phpunit/PHPUnit/TextUI/Command.php:176
PHP 6. PHPUnit_Framework_TestSuite->run() /srv/www/htdocs/wiki/vendor/phpunit/phpunit/PHPUnit/TextUI/TestRunner.php:350
PHP 7. PHPUnit_Framework_TestSuite->run() /srv/www/htdocs/wiki/vendor/phpunit/phpunit/PHPUnit/Framework/TestSuite.php:709
PHP 8. PHPUnit_Framework_TestSuite->run() /srv/www/htdocs/wiki/vendor/phpunit/phpunit/PHPUnit/Framework/TestSuite.php:709
PHP 9. PHPUnit_Framework_TestSuite->run() /srv/www/htdocs/wiki/vendor/phpunit/phpunit/PHPUnit/Framework/TestSuite.php:709
PHP 10. PHPUnit_Framework_TestSuite->runTest() /srv/www/htdocs/wiki/vendor/phpunit/phpunit/PHPUnit/Framework/TestSuite.php:749
PHP 11. MediaWikiTestCase->run() /srv/www/htdocs/wiki/vendor/phpunit/phpunit/PHPUnit/Framework/TestSuite.php:779
PHP 12. PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase->run() /srv/www/htdocs/wiki/tests/phpunit/MediaWikiTestCase.php:134
PHP 13. PHPUnit_Framework_TestResult->run() /srv/www/htdocs/wiki/vendor/phpunit/phpunit/PHPUnit/Framework/TestCase.php:783
PHP 14. PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase->runBare() /srv/www/htdocs/wiki/vendor/phpunit/phpunit/PHPUnit/Framework/TestResult.php:648
PHP 15. PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase->runTest() /srv/www/htdocs/wiki/vendor/phpunit/phpunit/PHPUnit/Framework/TestCase.php:838
PHP 16. ReflectionMethod->invokeArgs() /srv/www/htdocs/wiki/vendor/phpunit/phpunit/PHPUnit/Framework/TestCase.php:988
PHP 17. MediaWikiTest->testTryNormaliseRedirect() /srv/www/htdocs/wiki/vendor/phpunit/phpunit/PHPUnit/Framework/TestCase.php:988
make: *** [phpunit] Error 255

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1.23 unit tests are broken, it's not specific to 1.23.12.

With 1.23.11, the test suite ran to completion for me. Some of the tests within it fail, but the at least you could look at the list of those failures to see how important they are.

As opposed to 1.23.12, where you can't see the list of failures because the whole framework fails.

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Is this still an issue?

1.23 is no longer supported

Aklapper closed this task as Declined.May 2 2018, 2:43 PM

Is this still an issue?
1.23 is no longer supported

Unfortunately closing this report as no further information has been provided.
@Jjanes: If this still happens in a supported version, please set the status of this report back to "Open" via the Add Action...Change Status dropdown. Thanks!