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Parsoid emits "wt2html: Exceeded max resource use: wikitextSize. Aborting!" at emergency level
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Parsoid logs at emergency level wt2html: Exceeded max resource use: wikitextSize. Aborting!

Only 213 of them for the last six hours though. One can find them in logstash using:

type:parsoid AND message:"wt2html: Exceeded max resource use: wikitextSize. Aborting!"

Then in the events table show the title field. The top events over six hours:

152 enwiki MediaWiki:Coll-attribution-page
  7 enwiki User_talk:Penyulap/Archives/2012
  4 frwiki MediaWiki:Coll-attribution-page

We will want to:

  • investigate why MediaWiki:Coll-attribution-page exceed max wikitextSize
  • lower the error level from emergency to something lower (maybe warning), the logType being fatal/request

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Yes, known after T120972: Introduce various limits during parsing to deal with pathological page scenarios was deployed. For coll-attribution-page, see T120972#1876361 and T75412: OCG Attribution request times out reguarly.

Given the specifics of how error handling works in Parsoid, we cannot use a less severe logging level right now -- only fatal kills the requests and aborts processing without keeping the worker busy. T110961: Error handling in Parsoid will help us deal with some of this.

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