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intermittent datepicker issues in MW 1.26, like "jQuery is not defined"
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I'm seeing intermittent issues with the datepicker in MW 1.26. We're getting "jQuery is not defined", so I think it has to do with the resourceloader and maybe the timing of it loading. Sometimes it works, sometimes a few instances load, and sometimes none of them do. There's some more discussion on the talk page here

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The problem is that SFI embeds Javascript directly in the HTML. Now that jQuery is loaded late it is not (always) available in time for the SFI inputs.

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This should now be fixed.

Relevant changes:

  • 96298d67d1f248f8c7ac185dc56266658eeabb6b- Remove direct insertions of JS into the page HTML
  • b82ff8e2f95ae4aed7415cc6867dce6529997e33- Remove input type datepicker; follow changed input type registration in SF 3.4.3
  • f20110aaa9070ce23f8f16bc218babed54e0084a - Add input type datepicker to SemanticForms
  • 36382af25e40980c7420047733a8c16e7e07e365 - Add input type regexp to SemanticForms; fix datepicker

You will need to update both SemanticForms and SemanticFormsInputs to the latest dev version.

Seems fixed to me, thanks!