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Pages in Wikiversity namespace lost after creation of "Wikiversity" interwiki link prefix
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Author: wknight8111

This problem is for

Several pages in the "Wikiversity:" namespace are now lost after the "Wikiversity:" interwiki prefix was created. Some (but not all) of these pages are:

[[Wikiversity:School of Education]]
[[Wikiversity:School of Education/Educational Practice on School Education]]
[[Wikiversity:School of Education/Unschooling]]
[[Wikiversity:School of Education/Democratic Education]]
[[Wikiversity:School of Education/Home Education]]
[[Wikiversity:School of Education/Becoming a teacher]]
[[Wikiversity:School of Education/Skills about Teaching]]

And related pages. I was told on MediaWiki-General to request the "namespace cleanup script" be run.

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ayg wrote:

It should be run for all wikis that have pages prefixed with Wikiversity:, ideally, or at least all the Wikibookses. I'm told it's a problem at nl-books too.

jeluf wrote:

The cleanup script will not fix this. It only fixes pages that are lost due to the creation of a namespace.

The pages have to be renamed in order to make them accessible. Please tell me how the pages should be named.

londenp wrote:

For the Dutch Wikibooks (
* should be renamed Wikiversity/Nederlands
The page is now inaccesible.

Thanks Londenp

Note that:
a) namespaceDupes will happily fix them if you give the conflicting prefix explicitly
b) it ought to be improved to automatically handle listed interwiki prefixes as well as namespaces

wknight8111 wrote:

If the cleanup script cannot fix these pages, can you rename them to "Wikiversity/XXX"? Is the rename process something that we can do ourselves in some way, or do we need developer intervention?

Ok, namespaceDupes.php updated to better handle interwiki issues in r23437.

I've auto-cleaned up the affected pages on en.wikibooks, they now start with prefix 'Wikiversity-' and can be seen at:
(don't forget that final - if bugzilla strips it from the link!)

Probably the affected pages should be moved to Wikiversity if not already done, and redirected.