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Restore fragment in broken links
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At some point, MW started stripping the URL's fragment of broken links (= red links); as a result, a link to a non-existent [[asdf#fragment]] target title and the specified section would render as /w/index.php?title=asdf&action=edit&redlink=1 (note that the section is omitted). However, some JS scripts could still take advantage of that currently missing #fragment bit. This is the case of a plwiktionary's popular gadget, running since 2011: one of its features consisted in generating a customized edit form for a new language section, according to the specified fragment of a link pointing to a missing title. We noticed that this used to work some time ago, hence the Regression tag.

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Possibly related code in Linker.php:

private static function linkUrl( $target, $query, $options ) {
    # We don't want to include fragments for broken links, because they
    # generally make no sense.
    if ( in_array( 'broken', $options ) && $target->hasFragment() ) {
        $target = clone $target;
        $target->setFragment( '' );

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