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Allow manual customisation of user language preferences guess
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While we strive to improve the default language selection in various places where we show only a subset of the available languages (like ULS, based on CLDR data), some users will always want to force a specific selection.

Several requirements/possible features have been identified for the manual selection:

  1. apply to all devices;
  2. apply to all wikis, i.e. be a cross-wiki selection;
  3. be consistent for all products (ContentTranslation, WikibaseRepository etc. will need to adopt the same selection method);
  4. ideally pre-fetch some reasonable per-user guesses, e.g. edit count in various wikis, interface language, fallback languages, home wiki;
  5. ideally integrate with the feature showing the "most recent 2-3" languages used (e.g. by making this list transparent and adaptable).

Unlikely features:

  1. select only the top10 wikis as does;
  2. guess languages from the content of local user contributions or currently accessed topic.

Possible storage methods:

  1. user options in the CentralAuth wiki (sounds inefficient);
  2. [[Talk:Universal_Language_Selector/Design/Interlanguage_links#Custom_CSS_rules|CSS rules]] in the global.css (feasible to edit in a way transparent to the local wiki user, e.g. in a ULS panel?);
  3. {{#babel}} in a central wiki as Wikidata does (definitely too hack and an abuse of Babel).

Possible interfaces:

  1. present a list of possible languages and let the user + them (T96547#1220434),
  2. add a "blacklist" button next to each language guess,
  3. add a "whitelist" or "edit list" button at the end of the list of language guesses

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A lot of good ideas here for future iterations of work on interlanguage links.