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Document relaunched Portal A/B test
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Document the relaunched Portal A/B test on as soon as the implementation is complete.

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@Jdrewniak for this task I'm going to need some info on how the implementation actually ended up; what are the restrictions on getting into the schema? What are the restrictions on getting into the test? Where does the code live in case I need to eyeball it?

@Ironholds sure here's an overview:
Test Structure
Only user with Javascript enabled and relatively modern browsers will considered for event logging. ( IE8 and up ).

1 in 200 of these visitors to the page will be logged. This is the entire logging population.

70% of the logging population will be given the default experience and logged as a baseline.

30% of the logging population will be considered for the A/B/C test.
The testing population will differ from the baseline population because it is more restrictive. Users with browsers older than IE9 will be rejected.

The users in the A/B/C test will fall into 3 equal groups (10% each):

  • Test1 - Described here:
  • Test2 - Test with type-ahead suggestions (described below)
  • control - this group will be given the same experience as the baseline, but the will reflect the more restrictive browser requirements of the A/B/C test population.

Second A/B test
The second A/B test builds on the first. It includes the changes of the first A/B test, but adds an improved type-ahead with search suggestions to the improved search-bar. Mockups for the type-ahead are available here:

The code for the second A/B test is available in this repository:

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