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Upgrade librsvg to 2.22.2
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Author: andrewpmk

Librsvg, Wikimedia's SVG renderer should be upgraded to version 2.16.0 to fix rendering bugs that have been fixed in the most recent version. The following image does not render properly in the version that is currently installed (2.14.0, I believe): It works fine in Firefox, Inkscape and librsvg 2.16.0. (To test librsvg, install the package that contains rsvg - librsvg2-bin in Ubuntu and presumably Debian - and run rsvg-view.)



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robchur wrote:

Bumping version in response to bug 5235. Not sure if the bug tracker is best for requesting this sort of thing; one would assume such upgrades could be performed on a regular basis as part of normal operating procedures.

ayg wrote:

Removing explicit version number in summary, which seems to get quickly outdated. The current version is apparently 2.22.

brion added a comment.Aug 11 2008, 5:08 PM
  • Bug 15115 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Done. Will continue to need periodic manual recompilation because we're using a custom package.

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@JoKalliauer please open a new bug

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@JoKalliauer: Please don't reopen ancient bugs; see T193352#4166886 for the actual problem to solve first.

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