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Indentation should not be inherited by next paragraph
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If a line in wiki text starts with a colon (:), the line is indented. If we go to the end of such a line in VE and press Enter, the new paragraph is also indented. I don't think this is expected or useful behavior. At the very least, there should be a way to remove the indentation of the new paragraph, but there is none.

I propose that the items "Decrease Indentation" and "Increase Indentation" in the list menu should be applicable to arbitrary paragraphs and should remove or insert colons at the beginning of the line.

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: is not "indentation", it is a definition list. We are not going to change how lists work to make it worse to edit lists just because some wikis abuse wikitext. :-)

<blockquote> is indentation, and it behaves as you request.

The use of colons to indent lines will be familiar to most users since it is widely used on discussion pages. Users will prefer it over <blockquote> since it's shorter and a line can be indented to any desired level.

The claim that my proposal would "make it worse to edit lists" was not substantiated. In fact, currently the editing of definition lists (which are almost never used) is very unintuitive and does not follow the standard list editing paradigm. To wit:

  1. Hitting Enter at the end of an entry of a bulleted list creates a new list entry. Hitting Enter again ends the list. In a definition list, the second Enter has no effect and the list cannot be ended in the normal way.
  1. Choosing "Decrease indentation" anywhere in a bulleted list will remove indentation and end the list. In a definition list, the option "Decrease indentation" is not available, and the list cannot be ended in the normal way.
  1. It is currently not possible to add another term-definition pair to an existing definition list, nor is it possible to start a new definition list.

If these issues were fixed and definition lists were treated as regular lists, the indentation situation that I complained about would also improve.