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Remove workboard from #revscoring
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It looks like someone accidentally set up a workboard for one of our components tags: revscoring

This is undesirable since we had intended that clicking on the tag would present the project description instead. We have recently done some refactoring of our project/component names and we had left a soft-redirect in the project description and that had been working well up until now.

So, please remove this workboard so that clicking on the revscoring directs users to project description.

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Well, I wouldn't call this a duplicate of that bug as it seems this is more specific. It seems that this task may be blocked by that the other. Is it not possible *at all* to delete the workboard via the UI?

Is it not possible *at all* to delete the workboard via the UI?

No. See link in T122253#1900925.
The other option is to fix T89865.

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Per notes in T105865, workboards can be disabled at HEAD.

great news. Thanks!

I have disabled the revscoring workboard.
But displays "Workboard Disabled: This workboard has been disabled, but can be restored to its former glory." instead of the project overview page. :(

You should be able to go to ManageEdit Menu and click the icon next to "Project Details" to fix that, by changing the default page back to the detail page:

You could also click the next to "Workboard" to hide the item from the menu completely.

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Hah, thank you a lot! I removed the workboard item from the bar on the left, and closed T122316 as T122315 as invalid.

Closing as resolved.

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