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[GOAL] Enable quick survey for WMF research teams' needs
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The general goal of this task from Research is to be able to map external survey responses to segments, in order to inform product choices (e.g., how to serve quick lookup versus long form reading use cases).

  • Wire up event logging
  • Confirm segmentation design
  • Pending segmentation design OK, add surveyInstanceToken to URL of for surveys configured with such an option

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@leila: With @JKatzWMF out, could you explain what this goal is all about?

phuedx renamed this task from [Goal] Enable quick survey for WMF research teams' needs to [GOAL] Enable quick survey for WMF research teams' needs.Jan 12 2016, 5:32 PM

I think the intention is to flesh out this goal tomorrow (Wednesday, 13th January) /cc @dr0ptp4kt

@phuedx correct. Adam asked me that we sit together to flesh out what needs to be done for this task tomorrow. Ellery (and maybe Bob) will also be there. We will update this task after that meeting.

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@dr0ptp4kt when you have a better sense of when this task can be finished, please share it with us. This information can help ease the planning on our end. :-)

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per @leila 's suggestion, closing this.