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It should be apparent when a link on a page redirects back to the same page
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[[Acme]] corp contains a link to president [[Bob]]. We have no article for Bob (yet), so it's a redirect to [[Acme]].
Someone who clicks on the blue [[Bob]] link gets bounced from [[Acme]] back to [[Acme]]. The reader experience can be confusing to the point of upsetting.

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Once possible solution:
In article [[Acme]], can the software render [[Bob]] as a redlink? (Or maybe orange-red.) This correctly indicates that the article doesn't exist and that clicking the link is normally pointless. Also: if someone does click that link then apply Redirect=false. This is the expected behavior for clicking a redlink, and getting bounced back would be pointless anyway.

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article exists as a redirect != article does not exist

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While it is of course true that "article exists as a redirect != article does not exist", it does not logically follow that this request is "invalid". In fact, this request addresses a real existing problem, which is, as @Alsee writes, "confusing to the point of upsetting" and therefore merits consideration.

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When I said that a redlink indicates that an article does not exist, I meant that from the reader's perspective. There is no article on Bob, and the redirect doesn't point to some useful alternate article.

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