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Page number inclusion on transcluded works is confused or undefined under certain conditions...
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I've posted some concerns to the English Wikisource Scriptorum: .

Namely that under certain conditions, the portion of the code that adds side-noted page-numbering to works built on by trannsclusion from an Index' ed work. becomes confused when:

  • certain non alpha-numeric characters such as ':' '. ' (which are ones I've personally noted.) &c. are present in entries, It seems that sometimes these cause an issue even when the relevant string is nominallly escaped with quotes.

*Explanatory text or remarks proceed the pagelist tag in the Pages field of the Index page.

  • When there are multiple pagelist tags present in a Pages field

By cleaning up some of my own efforts to remove the above for the Pages field the issue was temporarily resolved.

However, it would be cumbersome to personally examine 10,000 or more Index pages, and so I would like to ask if a categorisable error message can be provided about "illegal" characters in "pagelist entires", "additional texts","mulltiple pagelists" so that cleanup efforts can be focused accordingly. Alternatively a modification of the portion of code concerned so that it can handle strings Like "Adv." "800:5" as pagelist entries","additional texts","multiple pagelists" &c. would be desirable.

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Clarity of mud. As has been mentioned to you previously please see and try again

it appears to me that you are trying to take page numbering outside the basic concept of the numbering of pages of the books that was envisaged, or has been used in books

Please do use a respectful tone. See the Phabricator etiquette and Expected behavior for more information. Thank you for helping keep Phabricator a constructive place.

Can someone clarify what information is currently needed in addition to that given?

If you need an example :

Came up as not showing page numbers, or showing them as Undefined. so I checked the Index: based on a comment made in respect of a different bug here.

Removing the "." character in the first entry (for the cover) means the page numbers are OK

In respect of the Index: concerned - - Means the page numbers transclude.

with which has the "." the page numbers did not transclude as expected.

However I will close this as invalid on a technicality owing to certain views expressed.

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If you wish for the page numbering script at enWS to have more versatility it would be useful to put a request to the talk page of

The issue that you are facing is that the page numbers are anchors when trancluded, when you add more complexity to the page numbers (that are not numbers) there needs to be more code into the pagenumber.js to look for exceptions and novelties that people create.

I have been through the work that you indicated and see that all pages now work. You also again had the issue of closing pages with continuing tables with |- which we know is problematic to the javascript (previous discussion at enWS Scriptorium of which you are aware.

Probably best to have the help pages for the index pages and ProofreadPage give instruction about what to use.

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