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Phabricator Task Daemon has problems
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This daemon have problems. He starts and stopps a lot of times:

Daemon.PNG (82×249 px, 3 KB)

I guess he stops, if there is a error, and then restarts. Maybe it is a task like which makes problems. This tasks has 5933 failures at the moment, so maybe we need to stop him, but it can be another task too. So we need someone with console access to phabricator, to view the daemon logs. (Tasks can stopped with ./bin/worker, this works only with root access.)

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(Adding phabricator admins, hope there is someone with console access)

Luke081515 lowered the priority of this task from Unbreak Now! to Needs Triage.Dec 24 2015, 4:15 PM

@Luke081515: Where do you see "task daemon not running?" Can you link to it?

I can see it every time I edit a repo. Normaly the repo shows the status of the daemon, because it is important for pulling, so you can look at every repo to find it. This issue still ocurs today: (Screenshot one or two minutes ago):

DaemonI.PNG (567×1 px, 76 KB)

Is the "Task Daemon" here the same as PhabricatorTaskmasterDaemon in T100400? If so, this task should be merged into that.

This bug arrives randomly...

Luke081515 raised the priority of this task from Low to High.Aug 21 2016, 1:34 PM

The error is nothing to actually worry about. It happens when outbound emails are generating too many delivery errors and the taskmaster daemons recycle automatically after a few consecutive errors.

It's harmless and you shouldn't see it once the outbound mail queue clears out.