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Disable Extension:NewUserMessage on Meta-Wiki
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My vote notwithstanding, there is consensus to deactivate this extension at Meta-Wiki. Thank you.

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Are you sure? Most users there seem to ask to avoid messages to users immediately after registration, rather than messages altogether.

Perhaps it's enough to set NewUserMessageOnAutoCreate to false, for instance.

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Okay, we're going to do that in two phases.

First, we're switching wmgNewUserMessageOnAutoCreate to false as @Nemo_bis suggests, then we'll ask again on meta:Babel if that's enough, or if the extension should be completely disabled in February.

Change 265626 merged by jenkins-bot:
Don't send messages to autocreated accounts on meta

That's not what the community decided, @Dereckson. Please undeploy the extension at Meta as the community voted. Thank you.

This is entirely possible to undeploy it, but we need a consensus for that.

The configuration change done is the minimal set everyone seems to agree on, and a first step while you reach an agreement.

Could you address @Nemo_bis concerns about how the discussion on Babel should be interpreted?

Again, the community reached a consensus to remove that welcoming system from Meta. In fact there's the only consensus gauged there. We don't want automatic welcomes anymore.

The discussion was publicy held, and Nemo (who is very active at Meta FWIW) or anyone else could have commented there proposing other solutions. He didn't, and trying to block this at Phabricator is disrespectful, specially when in less than 24 hours there was far more consensus to get rid of the system rather than to enable the extension.

We're not requesting any critical or strange change in config that warrants a block by ops, but to undeploy a nuisance of extension as the people who commented in the discussion explained.

Please enact the valid community consensus and undeploy this extension at Meta. The account will remain blocked until then. Thanks.

That discussion did ask for the auto-welcome to be turned off. Is that the same thing as undeploying the extension?

That discussion did ask for the auto-welcome to be turned off. Is that the same thing as undeploying the extension?

What else then? We can't expect the community-at-large to use the same technical words you do here. Thanks.

I don't think changing NewUserMessageOnAutoCreate addresses the problem, and after reading the discussion, I do think the consensus there is for turning it off completely.

Change 266161 had a related patch set uploaded (by Alex Monk):
Disable NewUserMessage on metawiki

Change 266161 merged by jenkins-bot:
Disable NewUserMessage on metawiki