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Update MobileWebUIClickTracking to include talk, edit, watch, etc.
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In modifying the UI we want to ensure that our changes do not negatively impact our users.

  • Determine which feature icons we are moving
  • Ensure there are events to track clicks on them
  • Audit existing schemas tracking clicks on these elements
  • Consolidate / remove schemas that are unused (we should not be tracking clicks on watchstar in 2 schemas e.g. Gather for example)

Talk, edit, watch etc clicks are not captured in Schema:MobileWebUIClickTracking.

We should add them in early on in the quarter so that we can establish a baseline, which'll help us to measure the impact of changes before we make changes to the language switching UI.

Any ui changes may impact our features negatively or positively and we should be able to get an indication of this from number of clicks.

Furthermore, it should be possible to understand the difference in link engagement when 'Related articles' is shown versus not shown.

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are not captured in the same schema

what exactly does this mean? will it affect our assumption of "more people click on language button than hamberger menu"?

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As a heads up @Tbayer we will need help from you this quarter in analysing any changes we make and help building the schemas that will help us evaluate that.

OK cool, looking forward to dedicating some time to this (let's talk more in our meeting this week). As we have started doing recently with other schemas, let's make sure there is an opportunity to vet the changes from a data analysis perspective to make sure the data will be suitable for answering the questions we have.

BTW, according to this is already by far the largest EventLogging table in existence, at >500GB. So we should pay some attention to the sampling ratio and the expected event rate when we will discuss the details of the instrumentation.

I have no idea why you want to track users so much and I don't want to have anything to do with this endeavour, hence removing myself.

We should certainly revisit a lot of our EventLogging and determine whether we are using them or not. The MobileWebUIClickTracking for example is so big it is unusable right now.

@dr0ptp4kt is this actionable for next sprint?

@Jdlrobson, not yet, although it's on the list of potential things. The modal design changes don't themselves require this particular schema to be updated just yet, and I think we can probably redefine this schema in a manner where we capture which bucketing the user is in (if any) so that we may actually be able to defer a bit. This said, having data on the other tap targets is in and of itself for understanding relative tapthrough rates anyway.

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per Adam - not currently actionable.

MobileWebUIClickTracking no longer exists.