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Estimate # of devices per user
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This is a placeholder for adding some qualitative information on top of the unique devices calculations that come from Analytics. It would be nice to have some idea of how many devices people are using to get some directional idea of how many unique people as opposed to devices that are accessing the site.

A cursory web search shows 2.5 devices/user in 2017; 5 in 2020[1]


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Is this still relevant? Thanks!

Yes but maybe not to DR. It's relevant to finding a scaling factor for
unique devices to estimate a correspondence to actual people.

From what we're learning in research, this looks like it might vary
significantly regionally. For example:

Nuria added a comment.Jul 15 2016, 6:24 PM

Another way to do it could be to normalize devices per country with number of users with internet connection per country. That can give you a scaling factor.

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@atgo Thanks for updates. I would like to take DR off this ticket, but if I do, it will disapear into the ether. Please suggest what other board it should be added to. If we are needed in future we can come back or open another ticket.

@aripstra I'm working on getting a new readers board up and will move this there when that's all set up.

@aripstra should be off your plate now :)

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