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please deploy parsoid sitematrix update
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in order to get parsoid running on the new wiki wikimania2017, it looks like the fetch-sitematrix script needs to run to get
the change to sitematrix.json from over to parsoid,
as @ssastry just explained to me on the unrelated T122527#1906675

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I did run it and made - we just need that commit deployed to wikimedia production now AFAIK?

That is correct. Given that it is part of the main parsoid repo, we'll have to do a cherry-pick deploy .. which I can do .. but I was asking if this can wait to go out as part of the normal deploy cycle 2 weeks from today.

I think that depends on whether they want VE, OCG (PDF rendering), etc. (I think CX and Flow also depend on it, but I'm not sure they get anything enabled by default) to be available before the week of the 11th.

VE is desired, but as the wiki is very young and the number of non "powerusers" is going to be very low, there is no emergency to deploy outside the normal cycle. Most of what is going to be added to that wiki in the short term is going to be imports, stylesheets, and templates.

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I think this got fixed at some point, VE loads on wikimania2017wiki now.