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Redirect page with {{R from merge}} prevents merging of Wikidata item
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Consider this redirect page: It has a macro that commands: " This redirect was kept in order to preserve this page's edit history after its content was merged into the target page's content. Please do not remove the tag that generates this text "

#REDIRECT [[Gisant]] {{R from merge}}

I want to merge (representing this redirect page) to, but I get this error:

A conflict detected on enwiki: [[Q17090833]] with enwiki:Gisant, [[Q6642845]] with enwiki:Recumbent effigy

I guess the error is reported because of the extra macro on the redirect page. Can the merging code be generalized to also work on such pages? IMHO if there is #REDIRECT it should merge no matter what other text is on the page.

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The text generated by the macro mentions another macro with similar purpose {{R with history}}. This one (at least) should also be ignored by the merging code

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This is caused by the fact that there are 2 items with sitelinks on Wikidata. Problem has been solved on Wikidata. Deleted the redirect from Q6642845 and then merged Q6642845 with Q17090833. Any sitelink to a redirect is considered a valid sitelink when merging, because Wikidata can't see if the target is a normal page or a redirect. Only the link itself is stored. These problems don't belong on Phabricator but on //

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